Sustainable Salons Australia
Sustainable Salons Australia

Why we joined Sustainable Salons Australia…

At Carinya House of Hair we care about the environment as much as we care about our salon guests and their loved one’s. We believe that it is ‘never’ acceptable to profit from a business that adds to the destruction of our planet. Businesses should do their bit to reduce the waste that they put into landfill and the waterways.

We may only be ‘one salon’ and if we were less responsible, it would be easy to turn a blind eye. We could very easily ‘not worry’ about the chemicals that are washed down the drain in our salon or the multitude of plastic bottles that are thrown out. Not to mention the wasted hair that’s swept off the floor and thrown into the bin (when it can be used to help the environment). However we do care, we do feel responsible and we do know that even ‘one little salon’ contributes more waste to landfill and dumps more chemicals into our waterways that should be legally allowable.

Through our desire to look after the environment for ourselves, for our guests and their loved one’s, we found Sustainable Salons Australia. We were so impressed by the innovative ways in which Sustainable Salons Australia were not only recycling waste, but also how they sell waste to help feed those less fortunate (through Oz Harvest). We are very proud to be associated with Sustainable Salons Australia and to be doing our little bit to help make a difference.

I would greatly appreciate if you could take the time to watch the video’s on this page so that you understand just what a difference ‘one salon’ can make, the difference that Carinya are making every day and the difference that other salons could be making.

The following videos will show you how (with the help of Sustainable Salons Australia) the waste materials from our salon are reused:



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